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  1 day - 2 pages - 1 short story!  


the competition ends in





The “24h comics competition” emerges in parallel with the “24h architecture competition”.

With this competition we want to approach social and environmental issues that are pertinent and important to bring to public debate. The 24 hour deadline represents the urgency we have to act and to do something that can contribute to the greater good. The time limit is used to stimulate creativity. The participants have 24 hours to present their vision with a simple purpose: through a short story (illustration and script) they must address the edition theme with a critical and self-assessing view.

The participants must submit solutions and tackle specific problems in an intervention comics kind of way.

Do you accept the challenge?







Dumping, scarcity, droughts, shortages, and the need to survive raised thousands of people against a government that, at the expense of taxes, intended to turn land into money.

Favela ceased to be just a broad bean-shaped medicinal plant, which gave its name to the hill where it was born, to become what to this day still characterizes this life force that is conflicted daily between the desire to flee and to stay.

In the favela, fear faces security and insecurity defies trust.

A place where there are people, families and communities who carry their stories on their backs.



Download the brief here on the competition day!

Here you will have all the information that will allow you to participate.




the beginning of the registration period:  May  1st


registration period from May 1st to July 28th at 11:59 - Fee € 20


Publication of winners and honorable mentions at on September 7th


the competition date

// July 28th to July 29th //


The competition begins on July 28th 12:00 noon and ends at July 29th 12:00 noon (London GMT + 0:00)





1st Place Illustration € 250+ publication on the website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy + 2 sketchbooks Emílio Braga + 24H registration fee
1st Place argument € 250+ publication on the website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy + 2 sketchbooks Emílio Braga + 24H registration fee




Mike Deodato


Artist MIKE DEODATO, JR. was already a renowned illustrator in his native Brazil when he got his big break in American comics in 1994, illustrating DC's Wonder Woman. For Marvel, he drew such series as Avengers, Elektra, Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk. After refining his inimitable style on the creator-owned Jade Warriors, he returned to Marvel for a second turn on Incredible Hulk, with writer Bruce Jones, and a stint on J. Michael Straczynski's Amazing Spider-Man. Deodato has forged an association with the Avengers on various titles including collaborations with Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman - and demonstrated his superstar status on the event book Original Sin. Deodato joined writer Jeff Lemire in exploring one of Marvel's greatest villains in Thanos.

David Finch

For almost 20 years David Finch has inspired fans with his raw and gritty art aesthetic.    His comic credentials include creator-owned successes Ascension and Aphrodite IX and main stream hits like Ultimate X-men, New Avengers, Moon Knight and Ultimatum.  In addition to comics, Dave has done work for film, video games and the music industry.   Moving to DC Comics in 2010, Dave's used his powerful and emotional artwork to tackle Gotham’s grittiest hero in Batman: Dark Knight.  His work with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America and Forever Evil brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the DC universe of villains.  November of 2014 saw another chapter begin in the career of this artistic phenom when he began working on one of comics’ most iconic characters:  Wonder Woman.   These days Finch’s breathtaking eye for detail can be found bringing the caped crusader to life in the pages of Batman with comic writer Tom King.

Nelson Dona

Director of Amadora BD - Portugal


the BOOK

At the end of the competition will be published a book with all proposals submitted in the competition.

We use the PAYPAL payment system, if you want to use the system of BANK TRANSFER please send us an email to


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