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These are small creative challenges that we will launch regularly.

We are talking about projects, illustration, photography, sketches, design, video or others, but they all have the architecture in common.

Here you will test all your skills and discover some that you didn't know you had!

It's your time!

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A place where the time limit is used to stimulate your creativity.

This competition aims to present in 24 hours, design solutions that respond to the challenges launched in the brief.

We are focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly measures, that can be on architecture or design. 

Through these contests, we want to contribute to the discussion on changing mentalities and attitudes to improve people's quality of life and improve society and cities.

Here you develop your skills as a designer and space thinker.

Commitment, perseverance, inspiration, and hard work are all the necessary bases to develop a proposal that meets the premises that will be regularly disclosed in the competition summary.

There is a registration period and when it ends, the competition starts!

You have 24 hours to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained in the contest brief that will only be available on the same day as the competition. Time is an urgency!

Take the risk!

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next 24h starts in


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"How to make sustainable living cities in one week?" is a project that aims to reflect on cities.

Through a competition of ideas, we intend to find solutions to transform and adapt today's cities into the cities of the future, bringing them closer to the sustainable development goals defined in number 11 by the United Nations.

A green and circular economy is the basis for the development of the cities of the future.

One week is the time that we´ll give you for the development of a simplified preliminary study that re-thinks the city in terms of the building, square, green areas, and mobility. Time is an urgency!

Came and join to the movement!

This contest aimed to design an installation for the biggest Portuguese music festival.

We have organized two editions, in 2015 and 2016