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Arkhitektôn represents the boundary between form and content.

A book that brings together the physical, historical and creative analysis to see the ways that have been offered by the looks of those who imagined and created throughout the history of mankind.

The daily lives whys and different points of view in different perspectives, by careful and creative analysis of who indulges in this challenge.

It is not exclusive to writers, architects, photographers, painters, sculptors, historians.

Arkhitektôn is a way to immortalize thoughts of people who wish to give their stamp on a word or an image.


"Architecture is petrified music" - Johann Wolfgang Goethe Yon

The Book

Regularly each book will bring together a set of essays that relate to the theme of architecture in different areas of society.

In each edition will be invited some personalities in the field of architecture or the thematic involved, to serve as inspiration for you and a way to open new preservative to see this art.

It is essentially a challenge to writing on architecture, making it a creative and different way to be observed by the contribution of those who dare to participate.

Thus, all interested in seeing their works published in this compendium are challenged to produce a text, illustrated with images, having a basic theme as inspiration.


Architecture and sex is the theme of this 1st edition.




Requirements and Delivery Format


The works submitted must be written in English, a maximum of 5000 characters, and no more than two illustrative images. Each author can not submit more than one work. The 2 copies should be sent, one in .pdf format (not editable) and another in .doc format (editable). The Images that accompany texts must be duly identified with their authors (image credits).




The texts should be submitted until May 31, 2016, to the following email:

Registration fee


The registration has an associated cost of 20 € corresponding to the price of a book.

All participants receive a book by participating.


Selection of Works

Publishing and Distribution

Who can participate?


Can participate all interested persons, thinkers and / or creatives who want to contribute to a critical reflection on the subject under discussion and want to make a contribution to the construction of this book, allowing and encouraging the exchange of ideas and the development of creative thinking .

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