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Bons Sons

BONS SONS is the Portuguese music festival that takes place in mid-August, in Aldeia de Cem Soldos, Tomar. Organized by the local cultural association SCOCS, BONS SONS aims to be a platform for disseminating Portuguese music, where the public discovers emerging projects and rediscovers renowned musicians.


More than a Portuguese music festival, BONS SONS is a unique experience. The village of Cem Soldos is closed. Its perimeter delimits the enclosure that houses eight stages, each dedicated to a programmatic line, perfectly integrated into its streets, squares, church, and other facilities. In addition to this feature, BONS SONS promotes a close relationship with its audience, involving the population in the Festival. The inhabitants welcome and serve the visitors in a unique sharing between those who receive and those who visit, providing the unique experience of a musical event. The careful selection of the program, the unique venue that is Cem Soldos, and the involvement of the population in the Festival distinguish BONS SONS from the national cultural offer.


In addition to the formation of audiences, BONS SONS has local development as its primary goal through the fixation of the youngest and the strengthening of the local economy.

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