About us


Ideasforward was founded in 2014 to organize international architecture competitions.

We believe that the future depends on the valorization of architecture through the education of the whole society.

Thus, we feel the need to expand our activity through contests, debates, exhibitions, training, collaboration with local and central authorities to mobilize the population to participate in the territory's transformations actively.

Through our initiatives, we aim to stimulate and develop critical and creative skills with society about the future of architecture in the world. We are an experimental platform that seeks progressive ideas that reflect on emerging themes.

Eco-design, sustainable architecture, new materials, concepts and technologies, and construction are relevant issues for future society. In an era of globalization in which the technological revolution has dominated communication, there is a need to rethink how man relates in the global world and reflect on the economic, social, and cultural patterns of contemporary societies.

Thus, everyone who joins us will share this vision, boldness, innovation, and audacity !!






Hugo Merino Ferraz, architect

Founder and Project Manager

Marta Pimenta Moreira, architect

Curator and Project Manager

Pedro Hébil, architect

Curator and Project Manager