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URBAN GARDEN is the fair dedicated to equipment, urban furniture, sustainable environment, and circular economy and the unique opportunity for players that move in this area of ​​activity to present their proposals and solutions to the market.

When cities reinvent themselves based on sustainability and urban mobility, there are more and more proposals and solutions in terms of equipment, architecture, street furniture, lighting, and many others.

With an advertisement aimed at municipalities and prescribers, such as architects and engineers, URBAN GARDEN presents itself as an excellent option to contribute to the target audience the many novelties and innovations to which this area of ​​activity is subject.



IF is a platform founded in 2014 with the objective of organizing international architectural competitions.

In 2020, we will expand our activity through the introduction of debates, exhibitions, formation and development of partnerships with other entities with common goals.

We believe that the future depends on valuing architecture through the education of society as a whole. This is how the partnership between IF and Exposalão is born, which, for the first time, are launching an 'architectural award' edition - URBAN GARDEN AWARD.


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