aspace inspace
5th edition


aims to reflect on the theme of space-time, as an exercise in abstraction from the reality we know, that takes us The speed at which contemporary societies develop nowadays leaves us little time to ourselves. Following a capitalist model, that aims for quick and fleeting profits, where the values of the past were wiped out and forgotten, left us little time to ourselves to stop or think. If we absorb this ASPACEINSPACE system, we run the risk of alienating ourselves and not live time and space the way we need and deserve. We all have the need to, at some point, stop for a while. What if for a moment we could run away from this reality to reflect, think and rest? society.. a journey into the unknownin



In physics, the notion of space-time may be quite complex. For us, as projectors, the concept of space-time presents itself as a moment or an architectural event. In physics however, it is read as a system with coordinates, that is used as base for the study of restrict relativity and general relativity. Time and three-dimensional space are generated in a group, as one single variety of 4 dimensions that we call Space-Time. A point in space-time, is called an Event. Each event has 4 coordinates ( X, Y, Z and T) that tell us the location and hour an event took, takes or shall take place. The same way we use the x, y and z coordinates to define points in a three-dimensional space; on the field of Special Relativity we use one more coordinate to define the time in which the event took place.



Subject: ASPACE INSPACE Location – Space There isn’t a defined program. Create your own program taking into account your own needs. The areas should be adapted to the proposed program. With this exercise we pretend to reflect about the space-time theme as an architectural event, in a way that it can be quantified and qualified, and by doing this push the barriers of our current reality into an utopian reality defined by the 4th dimension: time.

















Alexander Walter
Aline Chahine
Jorge Mealha
Diogo Aguiar
Luis Santiago Baptista
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1st Place

Team: Egor Orlov

City: Kazan

Country: Russian Federation

2nd Place

Team: Bastian Landgraf and Niklas Martin

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

3rd Place

Team: Berta Cusó and Benjamin Nicaud

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


Team: Dionisio Leva and José Llorens

City: Seville

Country: Spain

Team: Petra Krajcova and Martin Krivanek

City: Rotterdam

Country: Netherlands

Team: Sebastian Mora and Daniel Herrera

City: Medellín

Country: Colombia

Team: Mengchen Fan and Huili Wu

City: Beijing

Country: China

Team: Sandra González Álvarez, Daniel Carvajal Alonso, Alberto Fuentes Valcárcel, Guillermo Pomar Blanco and Pelayo Gil-Albert Fernández

City: A coruña

Country: Spain

Team: Fatih Cekic

City: Dreieich

Country: Germany

Team: Bin Du, Jiajun Tan

City: Hefei

Country: China

24H competition


“The 24H IdeasForward Competition is a very fine example of an architectural competition that arq.focus more on ideas that on an enormous amount of work. Its circumscription to 24 hours is an intelligent way of making the competition more equal and balanced, specially to the younger generations. This year’s theme was very conceptual and complex, opening up to a series of possible different approaches. The results were of considerable quality and plurality, showing that a short period of time can be lived and experienced in an intense and creative way. In a sense, this fact exposes the strange but fruitful connection between the theme and the experience of the competition. Well done! “ Luis Santiago Baptista,

“Surprisingly consistent ideas for a contest held in just one day. congrats!” Diogo Aguiar, arq.

“Looking through the plethora of submitted concepts, I was very impressed by the extremely wide range of scale — with designs for smallest micro-spaces spanning all the way up to vast concepts covering the surface of this planet. While some proposals appeared perfectly applicable and ready for immediate market launch as new products, installations, apparatus, or, shall we say, buildings, others experimented on the far other end of the purely speculative or metaphysical spectrum. Some concepts were strictly designed for one highly unique place and event in space and time, while other entries were meant to be intentionally mobile and universally deployable in various regions. !

The great turnout and vastly creative scope of ASPACE arq.INSPACE proposals signify a strong desire among designers for architectural spaces that allow users to escape the destructive stress, increasing speed and space-time constraints of this world, the perceived ‘real world.’ ” Alexander Walter,


1st place - ID0001600, Team: Egor Orlov, City: Kazan, Country: Russian Federation

“The FUTURE Metropolis.” Aline Chahine´s, arq.


“A journey throughout an alternative mindset. Time, space and humor as tools towards the suggestion of an iconic perception of our times and way of living.” Jorge Mealha, arq.


“A critical and political perspective of arq.space / time relation explained through a very effective graphical communication.” Diogo Aguiar,


“The proposal assumes a singular critical and ironic approach to the brief, within a broad urban framework. Dealing with surprising imagination with the unspoken negativity of the brief, the proposal refuses any possibility of escape or protected shelter from the metropolitan life. The plot is then presented with a magnificent drawing like a futuristic comic strip. The conceptual approach and the representation technique have a close relationship and a strong bond between them. In this sense, the idea and contents are exposed graphically arq.in the maximum of its potential.” Luis Santiago Baptista,


“This proposal pleasantly excels in both creative originality and conceptual strength. The cartoon- inspired visuals quickly draw the reader into the deeper layers of a stunningly poetic narrative about a megalopolis in a dystopian future where various time systems are allocated to specific territories. Highly detailed micro scenarios intersect with each other and weave a thick, challenging and fascinating greater story of time being disjointed from allocated spaces. The proposal shows the strongest attempt at freeing the interpretation of space-time as an architectural event from our preconceived experience and ‘real world’ constraints.” Alexander Walter, arq.


2nd place -  ID0001000, Team: Bastian Landgraf and Niklas Martin, City: Berlin, Country: Germany

“Roof gardens are the future of our cities, it is one of few proposals that imagined the escape “IN The CITY” Aline Chahine´s, arq.


“(An)other landscapes. A sensitive and arq.sugestive aproach to deal with contemporary urban conditions. A Fresh and optimistic aproach. ” Jorge Mealha,


“A relevant and pragmatic proposal, applicable to contemporary societies seeking for new spatial havens.” Diogo Aguiar, arq.


“The proposal assumes a structurally urban perspective to a specific context, that could be nonetheless universal in our metropolitan condition. The interrogation of space and time is focused on the roof landscape of the city, as an alternative of dwelling in the contemporary city. The structuring of a network between different buildings suggests the possibility of building a new space for the free experience of time. The chosen medium of the photoshoped image, complemented with diagrams, transmit the idea with clarity and efficiency.” Luis Santiago

Baptista, arq.


“Rather than designing one space as part of a greater system, this entry shows a strong approach from an urban-planning perspective and suggests the greater system itself: the sum of the connected rooftop gardens emerges as a consistently growing network, a living architectural organism filled with life itself. The concept shows a strong commercial application — marrying hints of Manhattan’s High Line success story with the need to escape Sao Paulo’s notoriously congested street level. Pedestrian movement through the city’s arteries on this new roof level changes the perspective of time.” Alexander Walter, arq.


3rd place - – ID0002050, Team: Berta Cusó and Benjamin Nicaud, City: Berlin, Country: Germany

“I have one only comment for this great proposal THE ESCAPE ” Aline Chahine´s, arq.


“Geometry as a perception device. A delicate structure proposing a meditation about space, about the arq.relation between mankind, its material expressions, and nature.” Jorge Mealha,


“the dramatic transformation of the (natural) space in/through time, highlighted by a poetic architectural structure.” Diogo Aguiar, arq.


“The proposal exposes the serious situation of our environment. Space and time are confronted in a kind of memorial for the arq.real time experience of the changes of geological time. The tridimensional grid exposes the human rationality, with a strong tone of ephemerality, deals poetically with the endangered intemporal landscape of the poles. The proposal negotiates the negativity of the brief with a call for action through contemplation. The collage technique and the architectural images present the concept with a suggestive cold and melancholic poetics.” Luis Santiago Baptista,


The theme of this proposal is the most political — or self-declared “poetic-scientific” — among the winners. To make the fact of global warming and its disastrous effects on the melting global ice caps plainly visible, this conceptually simple, yet strong, landscape installation attempts to record and quantifiably demonstrate the retreat of the ice. By allowing visitors to enter and experience this space and its metamorphosis over time, the installation introduces human beings very immediately to the — otherwise hidden — arq.result of their action.” Alexander Walter,


Honorable Mentios

ID000670 - Team: Dionisio Leva and José Llorens, City: Seville, Country: Spain

ID000680 - Team: Petra Krajcova and Martin Krivanek, City: Rotterdam, Country: Netherlands

ID000700 - Team: Sebastian Mora and Daniel Herrera, City: Medellín, Country: Colombia

ID0001390 - Team: Mengchen Fan and Huili Wu, City: Beijing, Country: China

ID0001400 - Team: Sandra González Álvarez, Daniel Carvajal Alonso, Alberto Fuentes Valcárcel, Guillermo Pomar Blanco and Pelayo Gil-Albert Fernández, City: A coruña, Country: Spain

ID0001960 - Team: Bin Du, Jiajun Tan, City: Hefei, Country: China

ID0002610 - Team: Fatih Cekic, City: Dreieich, Country: Germany


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