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How it works!



What is?

Quick challenges to develop at the weekend, related to architecture. These can be about project, design, photography, sketches, illustration, and others.



The contest brief will be launched at 23:59 on Friday and the work must be delivered by 23:59 on Sunday, that is 48 hours later. 



The entire contest is online and to be developed from each person's home. Some challenges are individual others may be in groups but they should always work online. #stayhome #workonline



Because the world is changing and we cannot stop. Because we have to adapt to new realities and continue to contribute to our ideas and vision of society. Because more than ever we need ideas and new contributions. Because we like architecture and all that it implies. Because we love what we do!

Who can participate?

Open to everyone over 18 years old. You have to take into account that the competitions have a strong relationship with architecture and art in general, thus, all professionals and students in these areas have an advantage.


The prizes will be directly related to the number of participants, that is, the more participants, the bigger the prize!

During the registration period which goes from Monday to Sunday, we will updated everyday the rised amount.


Period of registration: from 12:00 pm on Monday to 23:59 of Sunday (London GMT+0:00)

Challenge time: From 23:59 on Friday to 23:59 of Sunday (London GMT+0:00)

Evaluation period: From 12:00pm on Monday to 12:00 of Friday (London GMT+0:00)

Winners announcement:  Saturday at 12:00 moon (London GMT+0:00)


Registration fee:

 € 10/1element; € 15/2elements; € 20/3elements; € 25/4elements; € 30/5elements 

These values represent the value per team´s elements.

Each team can have up to 5 elements.

For photography challenges:

€ 5/ 1 photo; € 7,5/ 2 photos; € 10/ 3 photos; € 12,5/ 4 photos; € 15/ 5 photos


All the proposals will be evaluated for 3 juries invited by IF during the following week.


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