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Dumping, scarcity, droughts, shortages, and the need to survive raised thousands of people against a government that, 

at the expense of taxes, intended to turn land into money. 

Favela ceased to be just a broad bean-shaped medicinal plant, which gave its name to the hill where it was born, to become what to this day still characterizes this life force that is conflicted daily between the desire to flee and to stay. 

In the favela, fear faces security and insecurity defies trust. 

A place where there are people, families and communities who carry their stories on their backs.



The origin of the term favela designates the set of houses of construction without planning, of improvised way, constructed of 

precarious form and without infrastructure. 

Popularly, in Brazil, favelas are synonymous with marginalization and social exclusion, being located in irregular areas and hills, which become a neighborhood, after the disorderly growth of housing. 

Favelas are usually built of wood or brick masonry, and unfortunately, favelas are a picture of difficult conditions, especially 

because of the lack of attention of the authorities and civil society. 

It is a reflection on the inefficacy and the lack of will of the public power. 

The largest Brazilian favela is located in Rio de Janeiro, this is popular for the large number of poor communities in numerous hills. There are 69,161 inhabitants.



Theme: son of favela


Write a short story, spent in Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, where the main protagonist is a “son of favela ”, that was born and raised in the favela. 

You can discuss any topic, drugs, social exclusion, education, health, etc.

Your short story should serve to make us reflect on the great problem of the favelas, both in the social aspect and in the urban aspect and everything they represent.


Localization: Rocinha - Rio de Janeiro

You are free to create the characters and the full story.




1st Place for illustration
1st Place for argument


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