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Decor Hotel Design Award 21

Winners announced

Last October 23, the winning proposal of the 1st edition of the DECOR HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2021 was announced, the award was delivered at FIL - Lisbon in the presence of a large audience. Two Honorable Mentions were also awarded by the Jury. The "DECOR HOTEL DESIGN AWARD 2021" was awarded to the proposal "HEDERA HELIX L." by Arch. Oksana Pigina, from Chelyabinsk, sponsored by GROHE, the 2nd Prize was awarded to the “OUTROOM” proposal by Arch. Tanya Arsenyeva, Dmitry Laktionov, and Yury Bodyu, from Moscow, sponsored by SCHLUTER, and the 3rd Prize was awarded to the “CONTACTLESS” proposal by the Architect Maria Lepina, from St. Petersburg, sponsored by BELONE. The Honorable Mentions were awarded to the proposals “THE SPACE BEDROOM” by the architect Joana Mateus Ferreira, from Ponta Delgada, and “Eternal Cell” by the architects Kristina Babyuk and Sofia Alchinova, from St. Petersburg.

Team: Oksana Pigina City: Chelyabinsk Country: Russian Federation

The ceremony, presented by the Commercial Director of Anteprojetos Ângela Leitão, was attended by the jury, representatives of the sponsors, including architects and people working in the hotel business.

The international architecture competition DECOR HOTEL DESIGN AWARD is an annual award that distinguishes and enhances the best ideas based on reflection on hotel spaces. The first edition, with the theme "The Hotel Room of the Future", challenged competitors to rethink the space of hotel rooms with regard to their morphology and spatial relationship and present an architectural proposal for a hotel room in the future that bets on the innovation and versatility of the space. The Jurí has a composition for each edition, having been chaired this year by Mr. José Frazão, and composed by the architect Sara Afonso and the architect Pedro Lebre. The international architecture competition DECOR HOTEL DESIGN AWARD, which launched its 1st edition, promoted by Exposalão, is organized by IF-Ideasforward, represented by the architect. Hugo Ferraz and architect Pedro Hébil.


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