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3rd edition
Architecture Photography



Photography is present in each of us today. 

Through the mobile phone we learned to be photographers and to edit beautiful photographs to post on our social networks or even frame on the wall of our room.

But photography can be much more than that, especially when we talk about architectural photography. Here, we have to be able to capture the space, the concept behind the building, the valorization of light and shadow, the detail...


Theme: architecture view window



In this edition of architecture photography, we want that you capture the architecture that you see through a window of your house. You can take the picture from the kitchen, the room, or other division, but you can´t go out the street to take the same.

There are many areas in architecture photography like real state, commercial, or artistic, but we will focus on the artistic one´s! 

Yes, you should have an artistic view and an acurate critic spirit to chose the angle and the view of your picture.

You can edit your photos, with color corretions, contrast, highligts, filters, and others, but you can´t add more information to your 

picture that the one´s you capture with you leens.

Evaluation criteria:

1. Photo framing

2. Artistic vision

3. Relation with the theme of the competition 

(quarantine - architecture view window)




1st Place


Team: Marcos Paulo de Freitas Cambuí

City: Brasília

Country: Brazil

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