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1st edition


The contest aims to find design solutions that respond to the problems of today’s societies. A sustainable society that promotes a green and circular economy, that is our purpose. Here we will launch design contests that think about objects of global use.

How can we improve them, make them more ecological and sustainable?

This is where we will find the answers!


“Throughout the history of its creation, the most iconic of seats – the Chair – makes for  a structured view of the social, cultural, economic, political and artistic conditions of a specific society in a specific period of time. From the 19Th century onwards, with the prospect of industrialization and consequent mass production and access to increasingly vast sectors of the population, the Chair became a peculiar barometer of these conditions in a history that is intrinsically linked to the history of design itself. Therefore, in order to look at and reflect on the contemporary Chair we must explore the very history and fortune of the design process in the world.” 

Rui Afonso Santos, Contemporary Portuguese Chairs - Asa edition



Theme: Cork Chair



In a changing world where the use of natural materials to construct the new design becomes imperative, we challenge participants to change the office chairs’ paradigm.


We intend to find the best design for a chair that can be easily reproduced in series.

The use of natural and sustainable materials is intended with a mandatory basis, cork. Wood can be used for the chair structure, but cork must be present on the seat.

The chair’s dimensions should be in line with the standard size for a person of average height.


Participants must present on the board, all drawings, 3D images, and texts that they consider necessary for a perfect understanding of it.




1st Place


Team: Francisco Pérez Rodríguez, Francisco Lera Fernández

City: A Coruña

Country: Spain

Honorable mentions
Honorable Mentions


Team: Ragavi M, Reshma Issac, Shraddha Haverishettar

City: Hubballi, Karnataka

Country: India



Team: Sebastian Mora

City: Medellín

Country: Colombia

Final Comments
Final Comments
24H design competition 1st edition – chairs



1st PLACE - ID000290:

"Interesting conceptual proposal. Its construction using few resources (wood and cork) through an assembly and gluing system gives rise to an object that reveals identity and is adjusted to the ergonomic precepts of man. The management of the construction system is fundamental because it introduces the factor of the economy of scale in the equation of serial production! The proposal that globally best meets the evaluation criteria.” Pedro Novo, arch.


"A minimal and ingenious proposal; the result is elegant, with a simple appearance, not being simplistic." João Paulo Martins, arch


"Despite the concept is widely used in the design, the idea of using a simple cut and folded board applies excellently to cork, combining a certain stiffness and flexibility. This project, minimalist and low-tech, reveals a good use of the material making the most of its qualities. I attribute the highest score for being an economic and ecological chair and also for being the most realistic project in terms of production." Toni Grilo, Designer

Honorable - ID000240:

"Despite a design that requires more interpretation in its construction, we are facing a light and easy storage chair. A concept adjusted to the current domestic uses or on a large scale in response to the lack of auditoriums or multipurpose rooms.

The introduction of paper allowing to reduce the ecological footprint to almost 0 was decisive in my choice. Very elegant design.” Pedro Novo, arch.


"I value the desire to combine cork with another ecological material (although it is questionable to replace natural wood with recycled material, with resin?). Structurally, the piece has problems in terms of geometry, such as the seat does not seem to have a lock on the open position." Toni Grilo, Designer

It seems the designer is not using cork as material, but cork fabric, never the less looking to the others projects …" Paulo Estrada, Sofalca CEO


Honorable Mention - ID00040:

"The proposal for a rocking chair introduced novelties to the expectations. Congratulations! Solid cork agglomerate construction is an advantage in its design, molding, and construction. I think the design could have been more daring because the principles are there.” Pedro Novo, arch.

Is a good design that uses the characteristics of light and resistant material, the cork. However seems difficult to produce, and must be heavy, and too much expensive for mass production" Paulo Estrada, Sofalca CEO



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