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a house for my dog
1st edition


Dogs are the result of the domestication of wolves thousands of years ago. According to the World Canine Organization (FCI) there are about 350 breeds worldwide!

Due to the social and global demands and the fact that we live an excessively stressful life, Man has unwittingly isolated himself at emotional level. Accordingly, he often seeks relief from his loneliness in his dog, the pet that becomes the confidant and best friend whose understanding and patience enables man to relieve his anxiety.

It is always there for us, regardless of our clothing, race or social stratum. It is always ready to listen to us, even when no one else will; it is always ready to play; it is always the first to protect us in case of danger and yet never asks for anything in return; it is a genuine, true friendship. As our best friend, he too deserves a decent home so we challenge you to submit proposals for your best friend’s house, the DOG!

"Dogs are our link to Paradise. They do not know evil, jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog at the foot of a hill on a beautiful afternoon is to return to Eden where doing nothing was not boring, it was peace",  Milan Kundera



Dog – Each participant should define which dog breed the house is intended for.

Location – It should also be mentioned whether the house if for the interior or the exterior of the dwelling.

Implementation area – This should not exceed 2m2

Max. height – It should not exceed 1.50m

Materials – There are no pre-defined materials; the participant has total freedom of choice

Required areas: Sleeping and eating areas.

Free areas: The participant is free to add other areas considered appropriate.

Descriptive document (english): Each proposal must be accompanied by the descriptive document and justification of the project, included in the display panel.

Construction details: Construction details or construction process should be.

Scale – Scale

appropriate to the submitted elements.









1st Place

Team: Anatolii Kotov, Terentii Zhuravlev

City: St. Petersburg

Country: Russian Federation

2nd Place

Team: Aziz Salamov, Iwan Schroder, Valeriya SidorenkoCity: CologneCountry: Germany

3rd Place

Team: Homairah Munsami, Beth Stevens, Mikara Naidoo, Soyiso Sihlali, Gabrielle Aquadro

City: Johannesburg

Country: South Africa


Team: David Heaton, Trenton Van Epps, Michael Tuzzo.

City: Buffalo

Country: United States

Team: Aryan Ron, Arman Ron, Nikoo DolatkhahCity: RashtCountry: Iran

Team: Azarya Ashadi Putra, Michelle Agustine

City: DKI Jakarta

Country: Indonesia

Team: Pedro Gomes, Sara Feio, Jorge Correia

City: Porto

Country: Portugal

Team: Shiyein Lau, 

City: Toa Alta

Country: United States

Team: Nayan Srivastava, Manas Ranjan City: Bhopal

Country: India

Competition Summary

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