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antarctic scientific refuge
3rd edition


nothing seems to change! In 2013, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) released a report which shows that the planet has reached the highest concentration of carbon dioxide in history. Legally, Antarctica is subject to the Antarctic Treaty, by which the various nations who claimed territories in the continent agree to suspend their claims, opening the continent to scientific exploration. The Antarctic Treaty is the document signed on December 1, It is the coldest, driest continent with the highest average altitude and the highest rate of high winds on the planet. ANTARCTICA. In recent years we have seen huge climate change on our planet. These changes are due primarily to global warming which leads to the melting of glaciers and consequently to increased levels of the oceans. Much has been said, but little has been done. In 2005 the Kyoto Protocol, the Bali Conference in 2007, in 2009 the Copenhagen Conference - COP-15, however1959 by the countries who claimed ownership of continental parts of Antarctica, in which they agree to suspend their claims for an indefinite period, allowing freedom of scientific exploration of the continent, in international cooperation scheme. For this reason and by the harshness of weather conditions, has no permanent population, although a temporary population of scientists and support staff in the polar bases, ranging from one thousand (in winter) and four thousand people (in summer). The area covered by the Antarctic Treaty is located south of the 60th parallel S, and it applies its 14 articles, which enshrine principles such as freedom for scientific research, international cooperation for this purpose and the peaceful use of Antarctica by expressly prohibiting the militarization of the region and its use for nuclear explosions or for storage of radioactive waste.



In January 2015 will be sent an expedition composed by two scientists to Antarctica Peninsula, lasting from 3 months.It is expected that this team is replaced after these three months by another to continue their work.. The objective of the mission is to map and registering through aerial photography (drones), and terrestrial photography of specific surface areas for level measurements of the progress of the defrost and consequent changes. In this sense we propose to all who wish to join us in this mission, to develop an advanced observation post, where they will be installed and working these 2 scientists.



1st Place

Team: André Guiraud, Philippe Jolivet

City: Bordeaux

Country: France

2nd Place

Team: Simon Oudiette, Joffrey About

City: Strasbourg

Country: France

3rd Place

Team: Martin Herzán, Anna Glajc

City: Vienna

Country: Austria


Team: João Ramos, Maria Castilho, Miguel Esteves

City: Lisboa

Country: Portugal

Team: Sigfrido Stieger, Mauro Barrio, Juan Accotto

City: Córdoba

Country: Argentina

Team: Mariana García, Ana Ramso Lobo

City: Buenos Aires

Country: Argentina

Team: Alvaro Hidalgo, Francisco Hidalgo, Teresa Sanchis

City: Valência

Country: Spain

Team: Antoni Szubski, Magdalena Mularzuk

City: Włocławek

Country: Poland

Team: John Kang

City: Copenahgen

Country: Denmark

Team: Endy Prasetyo, Defry Ardianta, Angga Susilohadi, Tiara Kartika, Nanang Prastyanto

City: Surabaya

Country: Indonesia

1st place : ID0001280 Team: André Guiraud, Philippe Jolivet, City: Bordeaux, Country: France

“The best of this design is that shows good architecture (always) seems effortless. It responds to all competition features in a very simple manner, yet being persuasive and tremendously bold.” Carlos Guimarães

“The proposal is conceptually strong, combining a clear architectonic gesture with a pragmatic response to the program. The submitted image has the ability to perfectly comunicate the power of the intervention, its materiality and the integration with the landscape.” Francisco Caseiro

“The "mirror ball" appears as sculpture in Antarctica. A concept translated into a simple object that following the minimal taste, timeliness evokes the proposals of the utopian architectures of Boullée.” João Luis Marques


2nd place : ID000880Team: Simon Oudiette, Joffrey About, City: Strasbourg, Country: France

“Daring and original conceptual approach, with no afraid to act upon the landscape. A pioneering focus on sustainability, yet becoming more complex than the winning proposal.” Carlos Guimarães

“The proposal stands out for the originality of the linear solution. Even if there are some technical issues and an optimistic way of operation, the way the building marks the territory and the way it uses the wind as an energetic supply are the major aspects to highlight.” Francisco Caseiro

“The proposal stands out for its ingenious system of inflated compartments of different usage - spaces for sleeping, eating and working. Spaces are served by a long corridor / battery services, which takes advantage of the strong winds. In an arid and cold landscape, the construction of this huge wall is an architectural mark on the landscape.” João Luis Marques


3rd place : 3rd PLACE ID0001050 Team: Martin Herzán, Anna Glajc, City: Vienna, Country: Austria

“Very interesting idea and practice to difficult land access and difficult weather scenarios. The form of anchoring is suitable for ground covered predominantly by snow and ice.” Carla Mora.

“An homage to the attractive aesthetic of machinery. It gives an unlike solution to one of the main issues of the equation: how to interact with the landscape.” Carlos Guimarães

“A transportable architecture, a refuge that can deploy and set in cold Antarctica. Between architecture and aerospace engineering, the solution found takes advantage of volumetric vertically distributing areas of sleeping, working / eating, store. Formally recalls some architectural experiments of the 1960s.” João Luis Marques



Honorable Mentions:

ID000110 : Team: João Ramos, Maria Castilho, Miguel Esteves, City: Lisboa, Country: Portugal

ID0001270 : Team: Sigfrido Stieger, Mauro Barrio, Juan Accotto, City: Córdoba, Country: Argentina

ID000330 : Team: Mariana García, Ana Ramso Lobo, City: Buenos Aires, Country: Argentina

ID000740 : Team: Alvaro Hidalgo, Francisco Hidalgo, Teresa Sanchis, City: Valência, Country: Spain

ID0001190 : Team: Antoni Szubski,  Magdalena Mularzuk, City: Copenahgen, Country: Denmark

ID0001310 : Team: John Kang, City: Włocławek, Country: Poland

ID000480 : Team: Endy Prasetyo, Defry Ardianta, Angga Susilohadi, Tiara Kartika, Nanang Prastyanto, City: Surabaya,  Country: Indonesia


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