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23th edition


Imagine  something  gigantic.  Imagine  something  immeasurable.  Imagine  what  can  be  bigger  than the  planet  Earth.  Imagine  things.  Let’s  imagine  the  volume  of  what  can  not  be  accounted  for. Imagine  structures.  Imagine  the  speed.  Imagine  the  complexity.  Let  us  imagine  the  variability. Imagine  the  variety.  Imagine  a  dimension  of  information  so  big  that  wanting  to  account  for  it,  is simply  impossible.  Imagine  what  is  going  on  around  us.  Imagine  what  we  can  see  and  not  see. Imagine information. Can we imagine the non-visible? Let’s imagine Big Data.



We woke up and for some reason, the media, digital and online disappeared. It simply became non-existent. Is this our future? And in that case what can we do about it? How to solve and rescue the infinite and precious information that made us arrive here? Where are the manuals, the technology and the wisdom? Where is the knowledge being stored? Where can we have access to the backup of our Collective Imaginary? Where did the bigData go?



Theme: backup tower

Objective:  We want you to design a building that will function as a backup for the world’s digital information. This building will be occupied by a team of resident engineers that will rotate every 6 months.These engineers are tasked with ensuring the maintenance of the space and its proper functioning. You should use the water as a natural refrigeration system for the big servers. The structure can be built above or underwater.



- Number of people: 5 residents engineers

- Spaces: Reception area; work room; rest rooms; eating area; living room; LARGE SERVER ROOM; heliport; boat dock and other areas that you consider.

- Localization: “Point Nemo”

- Oceanic pole of inaccessibility

- Areas: Not defined;  The panel must have a descriptive text of the proposal (English), concept, idea. Scale

– Appropriate to the submitted elements.




1st Place

Team: Ilaria Cazzola, Andrea Pellizon, Alessandro Visentin, Cecilia Carena, Sara Boschin

City: Venice

Country: Italy

2nd Place

Team: Clay Lin, Lucy Yip

City: Providence

Country: United States

3rd Place

Team: Almendra Osvaldo, Valenzuela Diego, Gastón Hermida

City: La Plata

Country: Argentina

Honorable Mentions

Team: Nordine Mahmoudi, Tobias Richterich, Tim Cousin, Jakub Sahatqija

City: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Team: Seregi Alexandra, Tomsa Laura, Sandru Teodor

City: Bucharest

Country: Romania

Team: Nahid Akram

City: Dhaka

Country: Bangladesh

Team: Rojas Elias Leonardo Gil

City: Ciudad de Mexico

Country: Mexico

Team: Katarzyna Winkler, Patrycja Czechowska, Joanna Przebięda, Dominika Pindral, Aneta Góralska

City: Wrocław

Country: Poland

Team: Marta Zapaśnik, Cezary Nagórski, Tomasz Szenajch

City: Warszawa

Country: Poland

Team: Oxana Prokosheva, Viktor Pakhomov

City: Novosibirsk

Country: Russian Federation


Final comments to the winning proposals  - 24H 23th edition – bigData


"In a fairly short time, the participants have been searching for solutions to such difficult problems and for me it is the most important reason that this contest is unique. I sincerely congratulate the participants of the contest, who at first glance seemed to be simple but transformed such a deep debate into architectural products in such a short time. I have to say that I am very impressed when I evaluate the contest topic and the first data on its context. although it seems clear at first glance that it requires a deep discussion. I personally think that the idea that suggestions are innovative is as important as the relationship they have with context. it is obvious that the Point Nemo context makes the problem even more difficult. Despite this, however, the variety and contents suggested were quite satisfactory on their own terms.." Fatih Yavuz

1st PLACE - ID 000830:

"The Endless Tower is a very strong proposal. The spatial accommodation of accumulating information in a layered way is a powerful idea. This proposal also proves its timelessness by offering a cycle that does not end when it receives power from stratification of knowledge. The solution proposed for living and working places is quite satisfactory for such a context. This proposal, which looks at the issue from a different perspective, is not interested only in how information is stored and preserved. It also concerns how this process will progress in an infinite manner." Fatih Yavuz


“Ingenious! This proposal finds the essence of the metropolis and goes far away in a future were data will be essential to all. New metropolis of data! The Endless Tower. A place to keep this safe without limits of expiation is a good idea. ” Pedro Vada


2nd PLACE - ID000580:

"arkData aims to establish a proper physical relationship with the background and context that it establishes. The geometric composition suggested proves it. The idea of two entwined together spheres as a solution to the imbalance of the wave is very powerful. In comparison to this striking idea, the geometric arrangement in the space solutions can be criticized in the name of flexibility constraint. It seems that the spatial solutions do not take much into account the physical environment and context.'" Fatih Yavuz


“Strategy well designed. The shell, which protects the main the main building, was smart when you think about the movement of the sea. The living decks helps the researchers do not get crazy." Pedro Vada


3nd PLACE - ID0001310:

"this striking proposition is criticizing the digital world we are trapped in today very hard. he reinterprets the concept he has taken as a reference and has presented it as a quite ambitious spatial solution. Unpredictable boundaries and the enormous scale of this proposed space is an important other interesting feature." Fatih Yavuz


"The idea of a Digital Panoptic and the conception about what big data can be to the world is precious in this work. Show how the research and the reflection about the challenge was important." Pedro Vada

Competition Summary

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