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38th edition



24H is a competition that aims to question the role of architecture in society. Through each edition, we intend to demonstrate precisely our importance as designers in the design of societies. Architecture conditions and guides, but it also frees and excites us. It responds to human, social, and environmental questions. Ultimately it draws the game board where we all move. 

In this issue we are going to think about culture. 

What is the importance of culture in society? 

What is the importance of teaching the arts for a person’s personal development? 

Will it make a difference to educate for culture from childhood?

The heart of culture will be the epicenter of all emotions, this Sacred place of wisdom and knowledge that feeds a people and moves them forward. Here minds are opened, and the reason is challenged. Feeling takes place and takes us to places we didn’t know existed. 

We will be less reason and more emotion and, therefore, more human. 

We will have the ability to dream and unveil the hidden. Learning that 1 + 1 may not be two and a square may not be just a square. 

Knowledge through culture has an abstract dimension that cannot be explained, but that is felt. Art is born, and the heartbeats!



Theme: Cultural Center of the Future



In this edition, we want the participants to design the cultural center of the future. 

A multidisciplinary space that should welcome all forms of art, not forgetting the importance and weight that the new digital age already has on 


This building should have the capacity for large and small events, training and education, work and leisure areas, areas for children, adults, and the elderly. It must be an inclusive space! 

There are no areas or specific locations. These are at the participant’s discretion. 

The participant must meet only the program requirements! 

Note that this is a conceptual contest, so there are not very specific technical requests. 





1st Place


Team: Yijun Yan, Ruyue Qi, Yuchen Liu

City: Providence

Country: United States

2nd Place


Team: Joshua Shen, Tom Yang, Chilam Chen

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

3rd Place


Team: Ildiko Schepp, Chiara Nespoli, 

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Honorable mentions
Honorable Mentions


Team: Ziyun Chai, Yifan Chen, Budan Yao

City: Ningbo

Country: China



Team: Alexander Mavlenkin, Denis Novikov, Natalia Ivanova, Daria Dergacheva, Sofia Marchenkova

City: Moscow

Country: Russion Federation



Team: Sihui Shen, Yifan Wang, Yuyuan Chen,

Yijia Yuan, Yingwen Zhu 

City: Ningbo

Country: China



Team: Michael Tanjaya, Kellyn Paramita Yang, Sheila Sutanto Jaya, Vigo Vasyiko

City: Ningbo

Country: China



Team: Linxiang Zhao

City: Xi'an city, Shaanxi Province

Country: China



Team: Vernice Danamae Madrigal, Paul Edward Liu, Marc Deniel Demdam, Joaquin Karlo Abergas, 

City: Antipolo City

Country: Philippines



Team: Peng Yao, Yi Yao,Shizhe Li,Renying Ma

City: Huainan

Country: China

Final Comments
Final Comments

24H competition 38th edition – culturEart

“In a competitive, globalized world, moving towards speaking in only 5 major languages, culture is fundamental to affirm reasoning as a differentiating and qualified element, in addition to the overwhelming advance of artificial intelligence. A cultural unit, it is an island in the sea of indifference to all excesses, which a distracted society promotes in disposable consumerism. All culture is valid.“ Mário Cháves, arch.


“This competition brings a much needed reflection on the importance of culture. After beeing negleted for the last two years, almost to a point of no return, it  reeinveted itself and this is a great opportunity to acknowledge it´s importance. Culture alone can save and revitalize wordl's economy and it's humanity. It should be seen as a pilar for every society. This edition showed a multy variety of solutions. Well thought and presented. it´s good to see a critic view on culture´s future. The relevance of digital solutions, the possibility of gathering people into a virtual enviorment. We no longer need to be together to be at the same place, but do we want that to be the future?”, Ala Lagoa, arch.


The 24H competition has already created a culture and a community of designers and architects. In a way, the current theme responds to that with a focus on culture.  The competition asks a hard-to-answer question: How can we design a “center” for a culture of a future which has not been established yet?
I congratulate every project that dares to ask this question.
” Duygu Tuntas, arch.





1st PLACE - ID000710:

​ "The ability of a form to assert itself and be able to multiply itself is the enabler of its value. Faced with a consumerist society, sustainability in the economy of means is commendable." Mário Chaves, arch.


“A more traditional approach to a multidisciplinary space.

The project is intemporal and gives us a place of gathering.” Ana Lagoa, arch.

2nd PLACE - ID000580:


“The topological bands, as they gain thickness, assert themselves as volumes, which are concatenated in a centrality that receives, from all continents, as the origin of the World, which participate and contribute.” Mário Chaves, arch.


“Excellent exemple of architecture as aggregator of culture. Culture in the heart of it all.  ” Ana Lagoa, arch.



3nd PLACE - ID00060:


The modular capacity of adaptability is totally flexiexistentialist; that is, it allows its existence, made possible by the flexibility of being able to be a cultural center whenever it wants.Mário Chaves, arch.


“I found this solution interesting as it replicates the same experience thought out the world. We are together, we are linked, today we are here, tomorrow everywhere.”, Ana Lagoa, arch.


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