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Loneliness in the elderly is one of the problems that most affect the elderly population in the world. We will all be old one day and suffer from the same loneliness if we do not start to think that the elderly are part of society and that they have contributed their taxes to society as it is. Active aging must be part of the general culture of peoples. Promote that those who have worked all their lives can pass on their knowledge to the youngest, so that wisdom and energy are joined and they do not end up alone at home, abandoned by those who once depended on them ...


Download the brief here on the competition day!

Here you will have all the information that will allow you to participate.



Registration period:  May 09th until May 31st

Registration fee -  € 10/1person; € 15/2person; € 20/3person; € 25/4person; € 30/5person

Competition date: May 30th to May 31st 

Evaluation period: June 1st until June 7th

Winner announcement: June 8th


The competition begins on May 29th 23:59 and ends at May 31st 23:59 (London GMT + 0:00)



prize money


Updated every day!


Smart and fair economy!

We use this financial model as a guarantee that's all works, and everyone´s involved in the competition received their monetary compensation.

The company keeps going with his challenges and put the thinkers and creatives active in this role of making the planet a better place to live!

The prize money is directly related to the number of entries, the more entries the bigger the prize.

The minimum prize amount is double the registration fee and there is no maximum amount.

All days the value is updated!


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registrations fees


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Pedro Novo arquitectos was created in 2003, when its founder, architect Pedro Novo, graduated from Lusíada University of Lisbon. In 2014 the studio was distinguished by the Portuguese  Magazine “Construir” since it won the award for the best Housing Rehabilitation project and the award for the best National Architecture Studio. It develops a multidisciplinary work, and has participated in several exhibitions in Lisboa, Barcelona, Guinea-Bissau and more recently at the 20th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture in Quito, Ecuador. Its founder, Pedro Novo teaches in the areas of new technologies of 3D digital drawing production and has a huge passion for illustration and comics. He has published several articles in national and international editions and architecture magazines. In the last years, he has held exhibitions about heritage protection and the relations between architecture and comics. Organized conferences and master-classes in national universities and was invited as a jury to several architectural competitions.  


War and Peas is an ongoing webcomic made by two individuals, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz. Bounded by fate and an obsession for carrot cake and alien movies, they roam the streets of their notorious hometown Saarbrücken in Germany. With far more than 1 million followers they seem to be successful on the Internet. 

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Maria Remédio is a visual artist that works mainly in illustration, video documentary and artistic education. Maria has published her illustrations in children’s books, magazines, booklets and independent publications. Participates regularly in illustration exhibits. Collaborates as cultural mediator at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and Cinemateca Júnior among other cultural institutions. From Lisbon but currently living and working in the county side with her husband, kids and cats.

We use the PAYPAL payment system and BANK TRANSFER

Bank details: 
Bank: Montepio Geral 
Client: IDEAS FORWARD, Unipessoal Lda 

NIB: 0036.0019.99100082684.12

IBAN: PT50.0036.0019.99100082684.12 

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