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34th edition


In a world that is undergoing big changes imposed by the unknown, we forced to believe what we don’t see. 

Leaving our comfort zone forces us to rethink what we once considered right and which, after all, can 

be done in many other ways. 

We all have to hope that these uncertain times pass and that after all one thing we all have in common, we are all human beings regardless of color, race, or religion.


In a world that is undergoing big changes imposed by the unknown, we forced to believe what we don't see. Leaving our comfort zone forces us to rethink what we once considered to be right and which, after all, can be done in many other ways. We all have to hope that these uncertain times will pass and that after all one thing we all have in common, we are all human beings regardless of color, race, or religion!!



Theme: Spiritual Center



Imagine a space where races and religions have no differences, and everyone respects each other and lives together in peace. Ultimately this was how it should be; however, we are still far from it. In this challenge, we intend to develop an idea of a Spiritual Center shared by religions and races, where everyone can meet with their Gods and pray. 

-Square: This square intends to be an open space for the spirituality, where each one can pray to your Goods or believes individuality. It has to be capacity for about 300 000 persons. 

-Building: This building has to be the capacity of 10 000 persons on the inside. It serves to pray on silence or for religious events. It has to have support rooms for religious chefs and seminars rooms. 

-Areas: There are no specific areas. 

-Location: Not defined, you should propose one specific site for this program and justify your choice according to the theme. 

-You can add program that you consider relevant. 




1st Place


Team: Gabriel Perucchi, Marcos Paulo de Freitas Cambuí, Luana Alves Faria, Isadora de Almeida Furtado, Julia Bianchi Ferreira

City: Brasília

Country: Brazil

2nd Place


Team: Veronika Zapyantseva, Polina Drozdova, Polina Chasovitina, Tatyana Shishlyannikova, Nadezhda Kotelnikova

City: Magnitogorsk

Country: Russian Federation

3rd Place


Team: Mathulin Julia, Deshayes Maxence, Chivot Clément

City: Strasbourg

Country: France

Honorable mentions
Honorable Mentions


Team: Wongi Choi, Youngmin Son, Hyun Chae

City: Seoul

Country: Korea South



Team: Aleksandra Śliwa, Jarosław Wilczak, Demi Tran

City: Kraków

Country: Poland



Team: Naiyue Zhang

City: Shanghai

Country: China



Team: Urszula Sędziak, Hanna Hajda

City: Wrocław

Country: Poland



Team: Nicole Serban, Daria Frunza, Razvan Domnica

City: Bucharest

Country: Romania



Team: Gonzalo Lastra Águila

City: Talcahuano

Country: Chile



Team: Gayathri Achuthankutty, Edwin James, Priyanka Sharma 

City: Palakkad

Country: India

Final Comments
Final Comments

24H competition 34th edition – hope

General comments

" The competition entries showed a high level of understanding of the program. Most of it express the proposals through inventive and innovative architectural structures of space, in a strong relation with the places, not matter their nature - existing or dreamed. 

The quality of the presentations also express the commitment and desire to participate in a international dialogue through HOPE, as a guideline that should be part of the life of all MEN." João santa Rita, arch

“A general critic to many of the proposals is that they are developed with a narrow understanding of making a sacret space for all humans; not all of the world inhabitant are believers or religious people at all, and this should not be a criteria to experience this sort of space. Therfore some of the proposals are directly discriminative as they are designed only for those who are believers in some of the worlds largest religions. This is not making a space for all of humankind to connect and meet in peace.  To make such a sacret and universal space one must design something sacret, not only for the traditional believers but also for those who are atheists or agnostics, or who have more paegan beliefs. It has been a true pleasure to see those consept that really manage to showcase a sacret space in such an abstract way, that they are actually making space for all people, regardless of their religious beliefs - or not.” Eivor Vik, arch.




1st PLACE - ID000940:


"singularity; the vastness of the value of an intervention of the thought and multidimensional thought on the perennial nature, is a unique moment of union with the wisdom that discovers, the strength that materializes and the beauty that praises and dignifies this vertigo over the abyss; that liberates, redemptive as all architecture should be. The epiphany that happens because the World is World for Architecture. The circle is a condition of eternity against righteousness that overwhelmingly assaults this nature that welcomed us and offered us everything. We are all ungrateful." Mário Chaves, arch.

​"The project was quite interesting in terms its setting and overall form, while triggering the emotions of fear and ambitions to enter the building. Even though it is very simple, pure and poetic in composition, it is clear that the sense of curiosity makes the structure more interesting. ” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arch.


"A circle is close perfect figure. It conveys the ring path, working as a symbol of a democratic place for shelter, protecting the inside space, unfolding the spiritual flatness of the cliff platform and the vertigo of the abyss." João Santa Rita, arch.


"Shaped as a circle; the classical symbol of eternity, and the cycle of life, it connects to the basic of human existence.” Eivor Vik, arch.

2nd PLACE - ID000580:

"restless; the dimension of man over matter, gives him, by grammar, logic, and rhetoric, the transcendental capacity of the growing and successive understanding of an expanding universe. And this condition can only happen because we are restless and have faith in solidarity with the intentions and designs of the great architect of the universe. all different all different; restlessness, restlessness, on all issues. Architecture is the portal of the sanctuary to the greatness of creation that derives from the awareness of who we are." Mário Chaves, arch.

​"Extra Shrine offers a sculptural spatial arrangement in which the spaces can present some surprising moments to its visitors. The plan of the building is introverted but its intimacy, closeness and circular arrangement also open up the capacity of extension for the future. The vertical parts can be separated and tuned into different rooms or services described in the program. The project was successful for its textual quality and flexible programmable elements.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arch.

​" A geometric and complex structure, an equal shelter for all. Without any kind of hierarchy apart from the one that derives from the radial condition of the circle and from the solar orientation.”João Santa Rita, arch.


"Designed to connect with nature and cosmos, this is an abstract expression of a spiritual and sacret place, universally designed for all kinds of people. Non-hierarchically and inviting, as a contrast to the more traditional sacret architecture. That concrete and glass are ecofriendly materials however, is however a completely false statement." Eivor Vik, arch.

3rd PLACE - ID000410:

"Pilgrimage; the path is stoic; civilizational pilgrimage begins at birth in society, which legitimizes itself in architectural form, made with the same molecules as the stars so gracefully allow us to live and the tragic awareness of existence. Urban pilgrimage is the path that we demand from the society that has become urbanized. Because we are also spiritual beings, capable of conceptualizing and understanding abstraction, we invented architecture, capable of harmony between the utopia of the ideal perfection of perpetuity and the dystopia of reality that is disruptive and obsolescent. We are all pilgrims." Mário Chaves, arch.

​" This project works well in planametric layout because it can also be read in sectional proportions that propose variety inside. The project has a capacity in wider scale indeed, but it is weak in terms of representation in more material and concrete terms.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arch.

​" Cities were the most affected realities from recent demonstrations regarding racial conflitos, to pandemic situation. The project celebrates the city as the place for all to meet no matter their culture, race or religion. A building like a Babel Tower, as blind as buildings sometimes seem to take part in the urban fabric. It is a kind of multifunctional building superimposing rooms and spaces in a kind of interiority allowing intimacy and introspection.” João Santa Rita, arch.


"With clear references to delirious new York, and the playfull programmatics of the simple highrise, this concept is not just an exiting idea and desing. It is also, by its placement at manhattan, accessible to “the world” by travel, but also by symbol, as it will be a beacon in one of the worlds most know cities." Eivor Vik, arch.



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