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The right to learn should be enshrined in the deepest entrails of man. 

Unfortunately this does not happen and not everyone is born with the same opportunities of life. 

It is in each one of us the strength and will to change that and give the opportunity to those who did not have it, to learn and to grow. 


The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.Bertrand Russell



The act or effect of knowing is having an idea or notion of something. 

Education and information. 

What we know about something or someone. 

Sensory knowledge, intellectual knowledge, popular knowledge, philosophical knowledge, theological knowledge. 

Pillar of a society. 


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela



Theme: Emergency School

Objective:  Think of a school that can be easily assembled in different scenarios. It can be used by NGO´s in their missions in the different countries where they operate. It can also be used by military personnel, doctors, teachers, etc. in different contexts such as workshops, training sessions, presentations, while preparing their missions. 


- 2 classrooms for 25 people each that can be transformed into a room for 50 people. 

- 1 back office room. 

- 1 library 

- study/computers room (internet to connect to the world). 

- Toilets 

-other ares that you consider. 


The panel must have a descriptive text of the proposal (English), concept, idea. Scale – Appropriate to the submitted elements.




1st Place
1 - ID0001160.jpg


Team: Valbona Fejza, Adelina Fejza, Sanja Avramoska, Brankica Dogazanska

City: Skopje

Country: Macedonia

2nd Place
2 - ID000610.jpg


Team: Brice Franquesa, Julien Marie, Victor Didier

City: Annecy

Country: France

3rd Place
3 - ID0001630.jpg


Team: Ching Yan Lam

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Honorable mentions
Honorable Mentions
4 - ID0001260.jpg


Team: Lukas Frenzel, Julius Puttkammer, Laurenz Härtl, 

City: Aachen

Country: Germany

5 - ID000740.jpg


Team: Mia-Martina Hren, Tomislav Konjevod

City: Cologne

Country: Germany

6 - ID000800.jpg


Team: Kolesnikov Alexander,Zheleznov Anton, SeleshokIvan, Lomakina Ruslana

City: Kharkiv

Country: Ukraine

7 - ID000310.jpg


Team: 文龙李, 井岩史,  进贵彭, 超 季

City: Baotou city

Country: China



Team: Reza Fadillah

City: Jakarta

Country: Indonesia

8 - ID0001550.jpg


Team: Pablo Cuesta, Carlos Martinez, Gil Ferreriro

City: Valladolid

Country: Spain

9 - ID00090.jpg


Team: Benjamin Anderson-Nelson, Aiym Zhumasheva

City: Seattle

Country: United States


Final comments to the winning proposals  - 24H 27th edition – knowledge

"Interesting format, on a single sheet, with a very relevant theme of universal education, urgency and scarcity." Pedro Nitsche   

"There where many similar solutions and ways to go about the scope. Some of the more realistic proposals are not bad but not very exiting either. And then there is the proposals going for more or less sci-fi solutions that are not really realistic, seem expensive and less adaptable. I prefer the ones going in to the concept of school as something more than a shelter for education. For me the school represents much more and so I've looked for that in the proposal. The simple fact that programming and planning of schools can have huge social impact. The two top scores are for me standouts and either one should win." Esbjörn 

1st PLACE - ID 0001160:

"While the 6-vehicle convoy may seem unfeasible in most emergency areas, this combination of pull-up accordion spaces and rigid service core modules is well developed." Alvaro Bonfiglio                                                                                                          

"Very intelligent system of combining a container and a expanding pavilion that seems to fulfill very well the need of being easy to disassemble and move to other locations. Different possibilities of configuration is a plus." Miguel Marcelino

2nd PLACE - ID000610:

"Interesting concept design. Might not be the most realistic but yet innovative. The use of the baloons, that serves as transportation device, as shelter is clever. The proposal is also a political statement aiming to making the idea of a wall something good. Really nice presentation and idea." Esbjörn                                                                                                                  

"This air-lifted emergency hub —a thick wall of service spaces— conveys a rather solid and simple idea. It is well developed and proficiently presented." Alvaro Bonfiglio 

"Intelligent solution of hydro-sanitary needs and lightness and flexibility for the spaces of the classroom and other spaces of collective use." Pedro Nitsche

" the project presents an intelligent solution, simple and at the same time, surprising as a response to the competition subject. From the design of an equipment - a single wall - that contains the necessary infrastructure for the school to happen, it presents a smart constrictive solution; at the same time, it is a poetic and inventive answer that allows the school to move across barriers and configuring the territories where it lands." Juliana Braga

3nd PLACE - ID0001630:

"While not the most original idea the presentation, design and concept is strong. It is also a very realistic design which focuses on not only learning, but also the need for clean water. The concept of the school as a place not only for learning is important. The scool is an important arena for the community. Or as the proposal put it - This school does not only serves as a school for education, but also a place where people are spiritually supported and encouraged, so as to hold onto their hopes." Esbjörn

"This well thought fog-harvesting proposal is the only one that explicitly uses architecture to tackles issues of psychological stress in emergency areas." Alvaro Bonfiglio                                                                                                                                         

"Strong concept, interesting structural+spatial structure with a good ensemble/disassemble system. It has a most-welcome feature of clean water production that fits quite well within the overall architecture." Miguel Marcelino


Final Comments

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