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metropolis - non place
8th edition


Metropolis Metropolis - The most common definition used for the metropole term, presents us with this as a big city, or the most important city in a given region. This exerts a social, economic and cultural influence over other cities of metropilitana region. This complex cluster of places and non places, this organized chaos, the work is never stop. It is a true shipyard ever-changing. With its own dynamics that man instils him, through their acts and their uses, it is always moving in a continuous improvement of growth. Its area of influence extends far beyond its borders, however, in this exercise, let us focus on the inside. With a hyper complex system composed of a mesh conditioned by its geographical location, the city is born and grows, by the needs of their inhabitants. For this, it is necessary for us designers, to think the spaces for their uses by giving them the dignity they deserve, not forgetting any detail!


non place

The fast growth of our cities has lead us to the creation of “non places”. These don’t have enough meaning to be classified as actual places. They are definition empty and are usually passing by places, such as dead ends, an airport, a parking lot, the terrain under a bridge, amongst others. This concept was first introduced by anthropologist Marc Augé.



Give to the non-place, a character of place, by assigning it a social nature use. It is intended to provide the city with spaces that serve society and that highlight the city as a whole, creating an overall harmony through the rehabilitation of spaces that once were non places, abandoned and forgotten, which often go unnoticed. Many of these have great potential, it’s up to you to give them a new life !! Set a program of use, that values the social and environmental issues. Location: City - a non-place near from you. Area: no specific measures required, however they must be in harmony with the proposed concept of non-place. Descriptive document (English): Each proposal must be accompanied by the descriptive document and justification of the project in the display panel. Construction details: Construction details or construction process should be presented. Scale – Scale appropriate to the submitted elements. 


1st Place

Team: Wilhelm Scheruebl, Therese Leick

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

2nd Place

Team: Andrei Theodor Ionita,

City: Bucharest

Country: Romania

3rd Place

Team: Marc Rieser,

City: Höxter

Country: Germany

Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions

Team: Enzo Sessini

City: Strasbourg

Country: France

Team: Mohammad Sadegh Kaveh, Ahmad Ramezanzadeh, Saba Moini

City: Tehran

Country: Iran

Team: Joséphine Larere, Mehdi Zouad

City: Paris

Country: France

Team: Razvan Voda, Iulian Tanaselea

City: Dubai

Country: United Arab Emirates

Team: Eugenio Bruno, Emilio Aldo Ellena, Alessio Luzzi

City: Milano

Country: Italy

Team: Olesya Kucherenko, Mihail Koval

City: Moscow

Country: Russian Federation

Team: Daniel David Herrera, Melissa Andrea Usma, Daniela Nuñez, Ana Maria Alvarez, Ana Lucia Velasquez,

City: Medellin

Country: Colombia

1st place – ID000740 Team: Wilhelm Scheruebl, Therese Leick, City: Vienna, Country: Austria

"”Out of the box" . A perfect understanding of the nature of non- places. The material worked is between the urban voids and everyday brightness. It is in fact the trips that the nature of non-places better is revealed . A risky response but above all, very aware “Pedro Novo

”This proposal is the most realistic and viable one, however it doesn’t get deeper into imagination or exploration. Furthermore this project can became true with little perfect so it is perfect to build it and to offer an experience”. Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo 

“Simplicity in the proposal with significant (non) place awareness impact. Although with an side- effect impact on the place, origin of the selected (non) places type (residue places around significant monuments), the project proposes a double impact, dissolving the non-place awareness with magnification of the original place itself. Partially hides for later reveal it”. João Rocha

“A small intervention that maximizes and adds value automatically that often forgotten. It should be an element of limited use, avoiding devalue what pretend to hide”. Fran Silvestre

“A very interesting and original way of looking at the problem, remembering that in non.places there is always a discontinuity in-between local urban tissues, sometimes 'voids' other times massive and globalized zones. Very communicative panel and very clear and well defined solution, an installation underlining concept”. Carlos Lampreia


2nd place – ID000100 Team: Andrei Theodor Ionita, City: Bucharest, Country: Romania

“A response to a non-place with other non-place. A guerrilla response that seeks to realize the urban character of each reality. The interior concept of the proposal is the consciousness of surviving urban of Metropolis!” Pedro Novo

“The project is similar to the little towers of churches and factories industry. In litle horizontal spaces can be built high monuments.This shapes couldn`t possibly be built because the foundation might be really big and deep. It would have been better if we could have seen a section of the monument.” Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo 

“Double impact proposal. In one side intends to address to the “(...)memory, culture and heritage(...)” of a specific place, proposes an oblivion like urban space container, forcing its users for an almost absolute visual silence, enhancing our senses when we later return to it. It addresses the specificity, haptic identity of the nearby city. However at the same time, proposes an urban land mark that imposes itself to the present urban image, contributing paradoxically, if it spreads in a uncontrolled manner, to enhance what it pretends to resolve.” João Rocha

“Proposal creates a major role on non-places, while even compete with those most important in the city. This really is a big change to the urban identity so this generates a debate on the importance of something like this. And though his only purpose is to increase its role, I find it a fresh and bold idea.” Fran Silvestre

“Very strong look at the problem in an urban and global scale, promoting underline empty voids extruding towers from their shape. Public empty tower spaces will be use by everybody, feeling 'voidness' inside the void. Nevertheless, despite a poetic view, would be nice to check furthermore approach to the ambiance inside. Balanced, communicative and very expressive panel.” Carlos Lampreia


3rd place – ID0001130 Team: Marc Rieser, City: Höxter, Country: Germany

“the non-place in movement. The train movement unconsciously produces a random transformation in urban design causing uniqueness in place. Assertive and effective response.” Pedro Novo

“The graphic design, the type of letter, the colours and the project itself deserves a 3rd place. To use the space between railways is a creative idea, although animals need a lot of care and it might not be possible. Congratulation to the winner.” Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo

“Function upon function. Starting from a railway landscape with significant impact, proposes, not an alternative new use, because the plot partially maintains its use, but another superimposed function to the landscape, maximizing the people appropriation of the (non)place. Proposes a potential superimposed “new city” through that place and its specific aesthetics. This overlapped structure as a principle of binding, heal the urban fabric that surrounds it, doesn’t deny the preexistent structure, but reinvent it.” João Rocha

“One of the most reasonable and intelligent ideas. This not only gives a purpose to a non-place, but also reuses elements that remain unused. Additionally, the equipment is portable and can be easily modified or extended.” Fran Silvestre

“A very nice panel showing an industrial landscape bring back to nature again, an humanized environment providing leisure. Interesting subject, a well knower solution, that will be nice to  be furthermore explored and detailed.” Carlos Lampreia

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