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What about the trees?

This is the winner of the "lightshadow" edition of the 24h competition in their 32 edition.

The proposal combines nature with technology in a harmonic way. The idea is to use trees to create urban shadows on the streets and create a cover of transparent solar panels to capture the energy. This is the aim of the competition, "urban shadows batteries".

video explanation

"The tree is the topos of the shelter. Compared to the natural system, the man-made artifact looks loke a pale and cold imitation; a tree still embodies the ideas itself of protection and is a fundamental urban device that makes the urban environment inhabitable but also pleasant. Would we need shelters at all, if we were able to cooperate better with the natual environment?

As an organism, the tree needs the energy to live, and so we do. Shelters have evolved not only to provide us protection but also to collect energy; in any case, we surely cannot live without trees. But ccan technology and nature coexisto r cooperate in a more integrated way? Can we reach the quality of the nature, but the efficiency of the artifact?

This proposal aims to ensure humans the best possible kind of shelter, the natural one, for a longer period, by providing, a safe environment for it to blossom. At the same time, this envelope harvest energy and it is itself a protection against cold climates." text credits by the team.

Final board


Team: Mohammad Sadegh Kaveh, Camilla Vespa

City: Milan

Country: Italy


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