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24H competition 38th edition

//February 19th to February 20th //


The heart of culture will be the epicenter of all emotions, this Sacred place of wisdom and knowledge that feeds a people and moves them forward. Here minds are opened, and the reason is challenged. Feeling takes place and takes us to places we didn't know existed. We will be less reason and more emotion and, therefore, more human.

We will have the ability to dream and unveil the hidden. Learning that 1 + 1 may not be two and a square may not be just a square. Knowledge through culture has an abstract dimension that cannot be explained, but that is felt. Art is born, and the heartbeats!

Promotional registration period: November 14th to December 14th at 23:59 - Fee € 25

Regular registration period: December 15th to January 31st at 23:59 - Fee € 30

Late period of registration: February 1st to February 19that 11:59 - Fee € 35

After the competition start - Fee € 50

Publication of winners and honorable mentions at on March 31st


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