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URBAN GARDEN is the fair dedicated to equipment, urban furniture, sustainable environment, and circular economy and the unique opportunity for players that move in this area of ​​activity to present their proposals and solutions to the market.

When cities reinvent themselves based on sustainability and urban mobility, there are more and more proposals and solutions in terms of equipment, architecture, street furniture, lighting, and many others.

With an advertisement aimed at municipalities and prescribers, such as architects and engineers, URBAN GARDEN presents itself as an excellent option to contribute to the target audience the many novelties and innovations to which this area of ​​activity is subject.

APAP is a Professional Association of Private Law with the status of Public Utility that aims to study and defend the interests and rights related to the activity of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Architects. 

APAP is also an institutional interlocutor, nationally and internationally, for companies and professionals in the sector and, in this capacity, is responsible for promoting and practicing everything that can contribute to ensuring correct territorial planning, for the defense and promotion of the landscape, the environment, sustainability and the right to quality of life for all citizens.



IF-Ideasforward is an architecture platform whose objective is to educate architectural culture. One of its tools, which generates discussion forums, is international architectural competitions.

IF defends that the future depends on the appreciation of architecture as a means of educating the whole of society.

It is with this global vision that the partnership between Exposalão, APAP, and IF was born, for the organization of an international landscape architecture competition, URBAN GARDEN AWARD´22, with the support of AnteProjetos, in the context of the URBAN GARDEN 2022 fair.



Celebrations of Landscape Architecture in 2022

80/100 of APAP


From October 20, 2021 (International Landscape Day) to October 20, 2022, APAP celebrates the 80/100 Celebrations. Eighty years of teaching Landscape Architecture in Portugal and a century since the birth of Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles. These are two milestones for the profession. One because it marks the genesis of the holistic look between the built and the natural, the birth of a professional class dedicated to the “art of ordering outer space in relation to man,” as explained by Professor Francisco Caldeira Cabral, founder of the landscape architecture free course. in 1942. The other because it celebrates the life of the most charismatic and outstanding landscape architect in the history of landscape architecture in Portugal; A straight man with strong convictions and a tireless fighter for his principles, he managed to bring together personalities from various areas of intervention, including politics, informing, explaining, planning and defending the importance of preservation and respect for natural, ecological and biodiverse processes, both in the countryside as in the city, on a large and small scale.


International Month of Landscape Architecture

April is the International Month of Landscape Architecture. In a historical moment when the debate around the landscape has become the order of the day, the whole look at the approach to landscape architecture carried out and produced by us introduces an added value on a reality that must pass to the outside with a due sense of their responsibilities and fields of scope, namely in what should be reflected in Landscape Services.


Gonçalo Pereira Ribeiro Telles (1922-2020)

Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, a pioneer of landscape architecture in Portugal, was a leading figure in the defense of ecology to support intervention in the landscape and the territory and was responsible for launching the environmental policy in Portugal, whose legislation he encouraged when he passed through various public services, namely as a deputy and as Minister of State and Quality of Life, between 1981 and 1983.


Born on May 25, 1922, in Lisbon, Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles is the author of relevant projects in Lisbon, such as the Green Corridors and the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a work he signed together with António Viana Barreto, and which would later be distinguished with the Valmor Prize in 1975.




This competition aims to launch a debate of ideas that promotes reflection on the connecting axes to the city of Lisbon, from the port to the airport, focusing on the South and Southeast Fluvial Station – Praça das Partidas axis at the Humberto Delgado Airport.


At a time when the effect of climate change becomes increasingly evident and represents a particular challenge for countries in the South, it is necessary to increase responsibility and commitment and place climate change at the center of the agenda.


In order to pursue these objectives, it is necessary, from the outset, to produce content and inform, promoting public awareness of the defense, preservation, and enhancement of heritage; contribute to the planning of our territories and the design of the cities of the future, in their contemporary challenges and issues such as biodiversity, health, adaptation to climate change, the promotion of urban-environmental heritage and social inclusion and cohesion.


For the development and pursuit of initiatives that make it possible to implement the objectives set out above, in a comprehensive and integrative way, it is intended that this competition is a tool for the transmission of knowledge, the promotion of debate, and the awareness and mobilization of citizens to environmental issues.



Landscape architects and landscape architecture students can apply, and elements from other disciplines can be part of the teams.


The winners will have to prove their qualifications required in these conditions of participation.


Registration is free, but mandatory through the link provided on this page.

After registration, the competitor will receive a code that must be inserted in the panel as indicated in the template provided after registration.


Participants who have participated in the preparation of the competition bases or who have a professional relationship with the jury cannot apply for the “URBAN SUSTAINABILITY CORRIDOR – from the port to the airport.”

Applications sent by email after the stipulated deadline will not be considered.

Applications that present any personal identification in addition to the registration number will be automatically excluded.




– from the port to the airport​ 



The program for this competition is based on studies carried out by the architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles for the green corridors that connect the center of Lisbon with its periphery, namely the "Green Plan of Lisbon" and the "Peripheral Park."


The sustainability corridor intended to be developed, forms a link between the South and Southeast Fluvial Station area and the departures square of the Humberto Delgado Airport.


Therefore, the bidders must submit an innovative landscape architecture proposal that should include the development of a general concept that integrates and functionally articulates the corridor and defines ideas in at least three fundamental intervention points along the defined axis. Intervention points are chosen by the competitor.



The following areas should be considered as intervention points:


1.     Praça da Estação Fluvial Sul e Sueste

2.     Martin Moniz

3.     Avenida Almirante Reis

4.     Praça do Chile

5.     Alameda Afonso Henriques

6.     Praça do Areeiro

7.     Avenida Gago Coutinho

8.     Rotunda do Relógio

9.     Praça das partidas do Aeroporto Humberto Delgado


Along the route, the following urban elements should be considered:


• Mobility, pedestrianization, cycle paths;

• Car and bicycle parking;

• Charging for electric vehicles;

• Green areas and stay zones;

• Play and recreation spaces;

• Sports space (formal or informal);

• Sustainable infrastructure;

• Others at the competitor's discretion.




In this category, it is intended to develop an innovative urban equipment, the Game, and Recreation Space (PLAYGROUND). Reflection on this type of space is proposed, as they are mostly isolated, fenced, and standardized “islands”.


This equipment must include spaces suitable for several generations and be properly inserted and framed in one of the intervention points mentioned above, at the competitor's choice.


The materials to be proposed and both categories must take into account all relevant aspects from an environmental perspective, durability, and maintenance costs.


Proposals in both categories will be evaluated according to the following factors:

Creativity of the solutions presented - 50%

Urban sustainability criteria - 30%

Functional quality - 20%


Free, but mandatory.




Panel 1 with the general plan

Panel 2 with details

Panel 3 with details

Proposals must contain, at a minimum, the following elements:


General plan

Illustrative sections

Three-dimensional representations of the proposal

Photomontages and/or illustrative images of the idea

Descriptive note of the proposal



Panel 1 with:


General plant

Three-dimensional representations of the proposal

Photomontages and/or illustrative images of the idea

Descriptive note of the proposal


The scales to be shown on the drawings in both categories are at the competitor's discretion.


As an international tender, the language to be used in the proposals is English.


Proposals must be submitted in digital JPG (RGB) format DIN A1 (594 mm x 841 mm) with vertical orientation, minimum resolution of 96 DPI, with a recommended image size: 12MB (12Megabytes).

The panel template is provided with this regulation, in PSD format; AI and EPS, which the bidder must use to submit his proposal.

It is mandatory to put the participant identification number in the indicated place on the panel.

Panel files must be sent by 6:00 pm (Lisbon time) on april 3, 2022 to the following email:

The subject of the email will be the registration number provided by the IF via email, after registration of participation, ex: UGA000333

The file name must correspond only to the registration number provided by the IF via e-mail, after registration of participation, ex: UGA000333.jpg




Launch of the contest: February 9, 2022

End of application period: April 3, 2022, until 6:00 pm (Lisbon time)

Delivery of proposals: April 3, 2022, until 6:00 pm (Lisbon time)

Awards ceremony: April 9, afternoon at FIL

Clarification period: Requests for clarification can be sent until 18 February 2022, at 18:00 hours (Lisbon time) to the email:



Professional Category

1st Prize - €2300.00 (two thousand three hundred euros) + GREEN CORRIDOR trophy – from the port to the airport

2nd Prize - €1300.00 (one thousand three hundred euros) + GREEN CORRIDOR trophy – from the port to the airport

3rd Prize - €650.00 (six hundred and fifty euros) + GREEN CORRIDOR trophy – from the port to the airport

The jury may award Honorable Mentions, of a non-pecuniary nature, to the authors of the proposals that differ from the others.

Category Students

1st Prize - 6-month professional internship at LTX + GREEN CORRIDOR trophy – from the port to the airport

The jury may award Honorable Mentions, of a non-pecuniary nature, to the authors of the proposals that differ from the others.


Rui Reis, landscape architect nominated by Exposalão

João Paulo da Gama Leite de Barros de Castro, landscape architect nominated by CM Lisboa

Carlos Correia Dias, landscape architect nominated by APAP

Maria Aragão, landscape architect nominated by APAP

Vera Ramos, landscape architect nominated by IF


Profissional Category

1st place
Team: Duarte Natário, Joana Azevedo, João Coelho
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal

2nd place
Astrid Haryati, Theresia Purnomo, Susanti Indrarajasa, Paul Sidharta, Ajie Tresnoharry
City: Los Angeles
Country: UCS