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utopia - love and a hut
12th edition


It could be said that the first language of mankind is Love. It is, in fact, if we think of time and not space. Love does not occupy space. To talk about love, it’s to talk about ourselves. It is to allow ourselves to be occupied by the lives of others without letting that occupy space. It is, humbly, to be born every time we let ourselves love. It is to win. It is to occupy. It is to fill and need little space, in the space that is given us. Life is a hut where we meet with the world. The world is us and those we love. To live should suffice. Do it for love and a hut.


A perfect construction shouldn’t remain imperfect just because it does not take place. The Utopia of life is more about the lack of action than the lack of will. Wills are easy. Utopias are complex but not impossible. Everything has a beginning, like a house has its first brick, and the great utopia of the world is to imagine the walls, way before they are built; Is to fall in love with a garden, having just seen a single flower. Is to imagine a picture, by only have seen a reflex of it and believe that what you see is the absolute truth. We are all Utopia, within the untouchable horizon.

love and a hut
Theme: Hut
Create your own program in your interpretation of what might be “love and a hut”.
Personifies this utopian image in architectural design.
Localization: somewhere where you want to contemplate your love.
Number of people: a couple.
Areas: not defined.
Descriptive document (English): Each proposal must be accompanied by a description and justification of the project on the display panel.
Construction details: Construction details or construction process should be presented.
Scale – Scale appropriate to the submitted elements.


1st Place

Team: Kyle Bigart

City: Brooklyn

Country: United States

2nd Place

Team: Giulia Guglielmi Maes, 

Sidhant Choudhary

City: Civitavecchia

Country: Italy

3rd Place

Team: Jacopo Nori, Andrea Manfredini


Country: Italy

Honorable Mentions
Honorable Mentions

Team: Alicja Szczesniak, Klaudia 

Iwanowska, Hanna Olszowa, Agata Hinca

City: Gdansk

Country: Poland

Team: Joe Roberts

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Team: Linda Lackner, Rebecca Merlic

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Team: Rolando Volzone, Claudia Angela Palma Lo Bianco

City: Lisboa

Country: Portugal

Team:Olga Khuraskina, Elena Mishchikhina

City: Moscow

Country: Russian Federation

Team: Paolo Venturella

City: Rome

Country: Italy

Team: Jana Alaraj

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

1st place - ID0001420 - Team: Kyle Bigart, City: Brooklyn, Country: United States


“Between reason and utopia is the root that sustains the dream. Among the complicated and complex is the " structure" that allows the difference .

The proposal allows the combination beetween root / structure the dream / utopia in an interesting way  and relevant and complex approach..”, Pedro Novo, arq.


“Rooted Love fulfilled all the criteria of a winning design: simple yet strong concept, beautiful design, aesthetically pleasing presentation, and in-depth descriptions of features and details. The entry lets nature grow the hut over time as a metaphor of love and (lasting) human relationships developing and maturing at a steady and sustainable pace. The element of time in this spatial construct has been introduced very poetically.” Alexander Walter, arq.


“Rooted Love is conceived as a perfect metaphor of established utopia through a very simple hut. What is the interesting in design that the structure is able to develop itself with different shapes, colors, utopias, structures and discourses that can be articulated in a much more innovative way, either architecturally or fertilely. The design approach relies on its innovative and original attributes through personalities or structural analysis.  

The presentation is very understandable, easily readable and colors represented here, emphasizes different spatial arrangements and this gives a technical clue about how it will be developed, or can be transformed for the future arrangements. Materiality, texture and construction values are well defined here.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arq.


“The author of «Rooted Love» offered a beautiful metaphor for growing love. According to the author's idea the enduring love should be expressed in a live blooming designs in a form of the geodesic Fuller's dome. Two tree trunk, symbolizing two lovers, growing together and coalescing, eventually forming a unified whole. Great idea and excellent presentation.” Maria Malitskaya, arq.


2nd place - ID0001360 - Team: Giulia Guglielmi Maes, Sidhant Choudhary, City: Civitavecchia, Country: Italy


“A conceptually very strong proposal. The “exemple” choise is effective and demonstrates intentions assertiveness. Graphically explores an imaginary idyllic , happy and enforceable .

The plane as “ruin” is a solid bet , contemporary and adjusted to the current reality .” Pedro Novo, arq.


“Probably the first time a derelict airplane wreck serves as the petri dish for utopian love as the result of the ongoing circle of dreams, freedom, silence, and reuse. See for yourselves.”Alexander Walter, arq.


“The success of concept is derived from how we transform the spaces with minimum effort and budget-sometimes we don’t need budget as well –and this concept ‘a Hut at the Horizon’ doesn’t use any extra material to create and innovative space and new life for love. It is already there- and it completely introduces new architectural, contextual, structural imagery for couples, reviving and transforming the context it existed. Even if it is a plane crashing to the ground, the space can be moved, divided, painted or treated by different materials and give a fresh visual look to the design, distilling it from its bad history. The materiality in design is well presented and it is so real that no needs to display anything onto it. We can understand how it will be used without adding something –it is a good transformation of garbage to the new space-still aesthetic.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arq.


“An abandoned object may get a new life with a birth of a new love. The author refers to popular and relevant today theme of reuse and recycle and offers for lovers the fuselage of an airplane as the place for a romantic getaway. Something old, forgotten, withered, blooms again and fills with the new meaning thanks to the love.” Maria Malitskaya, arq.


3rd place - ID000350 - Team: Jacopo Nori, Andrea Manfredini, City:Milano, Country: Italy


“The permeability as a wire proposal allows  an interesting story creation around the dichotomy indoor/outdoor or like the exemple: the  consciousness beetwen homeand “Jungle”.

The “insulation” is a form of identity and assertion within the nowadays urban jungle.”, Pedro Novo, arq.


“Besides winning my personal ‘Best Title’ award, Jungle’s Boobs embraces the spatial utopia of the transparent cave. While not offering much explanation on its conceptional details, the premise allows the user’s mind to wander off and dwell on the proposal’s provocative practical applications.” Alexander Walter, arq.


“The design is an exact definition and representation of how it can be reproducible because the material is very light, pure, basic and very simple to construct and adaptable in everywhere. Jungle’s Boobs put the risk in Love harmonized it with nature-because it can be seen, transparent and be inviting for everyone-very extraverted. It is more than a classical hut.

The construction is very clear and understandable and transportable for every place and each bubble can be made up of different material and cover. It is very open to transform, spatial design approaches.” Berrin Chatzi Chousein, arq.


“The author of the Jungle's Boobs sends lovers into the Jungle, rethinking primitive space with a modern twist. Here are a couple dissolved into nature and in each other.” Maria Malitskaya, arq.

Some considerations about the competition

“In Russia we have the proverb: " You are in Paradise even in a hut, if you are with lover". How is modern architects imagined a hut for lovers, showed the 12-th competition 24H "Utopia". We have seen a lot of crazy-beautiful ideas and romantic places for lovers! Long live the love and the architecture!” Maria Malitskaya, arq.

“ a brilliant theme ! ” Pedro Novo, arq.

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