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Hedera Helix

This is the winner of the "Decor Hotel Design Award 21"

Presentation by the autor.

"The ideas of a hotel room in the form of a cocoon, overhead lighting saves energy as much as possible, the top cover of the capsule is cover with ivy" Pigina Oksana

What now?

The reality of hotels is an endless variety of rooms of the same established standard.

Observing generation “Y” and the next generation “Z”, we see a digital person.

The living nature can be easily replaced by the miracles of technology in terms of impact strength.

What's in the future?

A room in the form of a cocoon with a complex relief is created around the bed. All furniture grows out of the walls. This solves the problem of massive wear and replacement of furniture.

A skylight is energy saving. Water saving - water from the shower goes through filters to the irrigation system.

Natural landscapes are recreated using virtual means - visual and sound effects.

Rooftop ivy, the best natural filter, wraps around the entire cocoon, covered in recycled plastic mesh. Each Cocoon and the entire hotel turns into a green living wonder.

The rooms do not fit - into the shape of the building or the hotel but create it. I was inspired by the shape of a bunch of grapes. It is compact and has excellent insolation for each berry.

The hotel is integrated into the city space as a natural object. Instead of adding a garden to the usual building structure, the hotel of the future is designed like a plant.

Capsules are installed on a central structure according to the fractal principle. Hotels can become quickly and easily erected functional structures of any number of storeys.

Hotels are not built like homes, but as elements of landscaping everywhere.


Team: Oksana Pigina

City: Chelyabinsk

Country: Russian Federation


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