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The Crisis Fleet

This is the winner of the "humanity" edition of the 24h competition in their 24 edition.

In this exercíse we propose to reflect about this big scourge, humanitarian crisis! So we challenged the participants to think in a humanitarian village that can be assembled in a short time in a crisis scenario. This “village” must be prepared to respond for a medical, education and security issues. What we present you here, is the winner proposal of this edition and all the explanation by their creator Andrew Robertson

Project explanation by the autor Andrew Robertson

"The Crisis Fleet provides immediate mobilisation, transporting people to the aid they need as opposed to waiting helplessly for it to arrive. Instead of erecting temporary infrastructure that attempts to evoke permanence, this proposal embraces impermanence, able to bend until the source of the crisis itself stabilises. Equally as capable whether stable or instable the fleet embodies the idea of the village as a changing entity that responds to the inhabitants' immediate needs, however far or near they may be.

The Fleet is assembled from recommissioned vehicles, retrofitted to support the nomadic lifestyle of its temporary inhabitants. Through minimal input, these former waste products quickly form a vital infrastructure for effective disaster relief. One specialised trailer houses one hundred individual bed capsules of which each inhabitant is allocated one. All the other facilities are shared creating a real sense of community. The fleet can be tailored to the demands of each crisis, the larger the crisis, the larger the fleet. Specialist vehicles can be plugged in to deal with each medical, education, or security issue when needed. When no longer required the convoy can be disbanded as easily as it was assembled, with vehicles returning to storage or answering another call for aid."

text credits by Andrew Robertson.

Final board


Team: Andrew Robertson

City: Jersey Channel Islands

Country: United Kingdom




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